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Gmail Alternative Enters Beta

By Derek Ang on March 05, 2015 with 01 Commnets

Most Internet providers by zip code and Tutanota is confident that the security of its solution is ready for the public now that it has fixed its cross-site scripting vulnerability revealed early in expanded testing. Encryption is done locally on the computer or device and is secured with a unique password. The local device then connects to the Tutanota service and moves on from there. This of course means that the user’s password need to be strong enough to protect the first leg of the data stream.

Cutting Through the Internet Noise to Reach an Audience

By Admin on March 10, 2015 with 01 Commnets

This type of sponsorship is Steve Easterbrook’s strategy to get a group of inventors together and study them. McDonalds began participation a year earlier to achieve this goal. The enormous fast food chain wants to include within its image the notion of digital innovation. They want to be thought leaders in technology and satellite internet as well as perceived as such. Along this line they are participating in tech shows like SXSW to some degree. Although the company claims to not be where they want to be in this area they are currently working hard to move this dial in the right direction.

Apple Watch Getting a Finnish Touch

By Admin on March 18, 2015 with 01 Commnets

Remember that many game developers said early on that would not be possible to have a meaningful experience gaming on the iPhone because the screen was just too small. No one want to be the guy that said that at the board meeting this time around. He is probably still working at Apple, just at a much reduced capacity. As of now games like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, and many Facebook games have taken hold so fast and strongly it shocked the developers themselves.Internet Service Providers In My Area Magazine said some people ONLY play games on the iPhone. So thpppt to the naysayers. It is this very reason few are ready to stand up and say your idea for watch games is ridiculous even though it might be. Maybe. I don’t know.